I would like to invite you to a special format of Open Practice Sessions in the period 30.1. to 10.2. (not on the week-end 4+5.2.), during which I wish to share my practices and explore new ones, like movement and voice and materials around the idea of building group bodies analog to what could relate to the meaning(s) of a chorus.

Some of this research is in preparation of my new group work, some of it will be simply situational and come from what we will find on each very day.

Please let me know if you would like to participate and if yes for which days. I think everything from 2 days on would make sense for me, as I would be excited to find some sort of continuity within the overall 2 weeks. You are welcome to come for the whole period as well.

The days will be structured in a training/practice session based on elements from aikido, Zen and other related healing practices (deriving from e.g. work with chakras, reiki, shiatsu, light energy, breathe work, voicing).

After a small break I would like to continue with the research on the topics mentioned above.

You are receiving this email as I would like to have a smaller group for this special format and as we have been in touch before. I felt the mutual excitement to know more from one another by spending some time together in the studio.

Let me know if you are interested,

looking forward,


location: Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, Wiesenstrasse 55

hours: 10h – ca.14h

all pic. by Isabelle Schad, all rights reserved