the ease of observing
and doing a practice

rotating oneself
to see all
layers of existence

power of softness

one part as the whole
the whole as a particle

to be in the present moment
made me feel safe, curious and grounded

I would like to thank:


Everyone who has been following the OPS invitation so far, for dancing, sharing and being present with so much joy, openness and clarity; Claudia Tomasi for assisting and being at my side for every concern; Elena Basteri for her support, observation and advices throughout our common processes; Heiko Schramm for his patience and help in all kind of production matters; Volker Hüdepohl for being at my side and helping me in so many matters at play. My teachers Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gerhard Walter, Harald Gierl, Jochen Knau, Heiko Schwarzburger, Mariana Skarlatova and Mooji for showing pathways which understand inside and outside as unity. Pathways that help overcoming duality and separations between body and mind, reason and feeling, origin of movement and form; Laurent Goldring for all the years of fruitful collaboration, the inexhaustible work on detail which brings seeing and perceiving together; Everyone following the invitation for contemplation within a practice around energetic principles, in which time and attention is given to freeing the inner self from jumping thoughts, psychology or personal matters. To be in the perception of consciousness in each moment, in each movement, in action and doing requires a certain inner attitude and a freeing from conditioning. It is in the same time an attitude of resistance against patterns that define hierarchies, opinions and power relationships. The sharing of these practices is so important – for everything we do – and to feel that gives me joy every day. It is this force that helps us to overcome cultural and political borders and that invites a more universal notion of how to be together.

Thank you!
Isabelle Schad